Helpful hints for trimming a dog’s nails

Helpful hints for trimming a dog’s nails

Many dog owners find that trimming a dog’s nails can be frustrating and would prefer to let the groomer or the vet do during an office visit.  I sometimes agree with that for my dog. However, here are some helpful hints for trimming a dog’s nails.  First, get your dog used to having their feet handled.  Before you even start the trimming,  try touching your dog’s feet often.  If your dog pulls away, don’t push but keep it up, touching their feet often throughout the day.  You can proceed to holding the paws longer each time but realize this could take at least a few weeks or longer for some dogs.  Then, it’s time to get the clippers out once you both are comfortable.

Now, it’s time for the nail trimming

The thing to be careful of is not to cut into quick that is found in the middle of your pet’s nail  It contains  the nerves and blood vessels and can be painful if you cut even too close to it.  If you hold them up to the light, you may be able to see the darker vein of the quick in the middle.  Start by trimming a little off the end, then a bit more until you see pink in the nail or feel like you might be close to the quick. If you dog has darker nails, you may not be able to tell so just cut enough to trim down the nail or else you will risk cutting the quick. If the edges of the nail are a little rough or jagged, then you might want to file them down until they are smooth to avoid the nails catching.  If you do cut into the quick, then use styptic powder and hold it on the nail to staunch the bleeding if possible.  You might want to get the nails trimmed during a visit to the groomer or vet and ask to watch first hand.

When to trim your dog’s nails

If you hear clicking when you walk your dog, then the nails have likely grown too long and it’s time for a trim. For most dogs, this trimming needs to be done every 4 to 6 weeks.  Keep in mind  that if your dog walks a lot on hard surfaces like cement, the hard surfaces will help wear down the nails and my extend the time between trimmings.


It’s up to you if you want to trim your dog’s nails or have it done by the groomer or during a visit to the vet’s office.  This article provided you some information that may be helpful hints for trimming your dog’s nails.  You should also talk with your vet or groomer about their advice or recommendations and also if you should provide someone else to do the nail trimming.


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